Frosted Glitter Acrylic Dice



This set of 7 Frosted Glitter Acrylic Dice is great for a multitude of tabletop RPGs – from Dungeons and Dragons to Numenera!

Things to love

Comes in 5 different colour schemes;

  • Shadowfell – green dice with black ink.
  • Astral Sea – Purple/Blue dice with blue ink.
  • Feywild – Pink dice with green ink.
  • Avernus – orange dice with yellow ink.
  • Mount Celestia – Yellow dice with white ink.

All 5 styles of dice have glitter flake inclusions and a frosted finish. 

Each set of 3D&D Dice contains all 7 Polyhedral Dice needed to play games using a d20 system – 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 1xd10, 1xd%, 1xd12, 1xd20. These Frosted Glitter Acrylic Dice will have you rolling in style.

Protecting your Dice

For the protection of your dice, it is recommended that you roll in a dice tray or on to a padded surface, such as felt. Plastic and Acrylic polyherdral dice tend to be less fragile than glass and gem dice, but we recommend safe practice regardless. Metal dice are incredibly sturdy, but if they are rolled without a tray will likely damage the surface they are rolled on – so keep this in mind when purchasing your dice.

Quality Control

Dice received may vary slightly from the picture due to dice moulding techniques. As a result, pictures may differ slightly from the product received. All pictures are taken in a professional setting using studio quality lighting, but we try our best to avoid making them look unrealistic. Even still, the dice are as pretty in person as they look on screen!


UK Mainland delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout. We are currently unable to offer international shipping. We intend to have all orders shipped within 3-5 Working days of purchase, but COVD-19 may increase our lead times.

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